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People working together for a healthier community

Our Chamber is made up of dedicated citizens from all over our area. We are committed to supporting each other and making positive changes within our community. We know that healthy businesses are the lifeblood of any area. Businesses create jobs, support local schools and nonprofit organizations, and build a robust economy for all.

You don't need to own a business to be a Chamber member! Everyone is welcome.  

Thank you to our individual membership holders: Stan Carlson, Barb Cline, Richard Donat, John and Sally Gorton, Jim Hofer, Lee Jenkins, Lisa Kajer, Jerel Nelsen, Wayne Renn, and Bruce Brotherton. We appreciate your support!

Be a leader. Say yes to making our area strong and viable now and in the future - join now!


We are the #1 information resource for businesses in the Staples Motley area.  

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  • Resource Referrals
  • Mentors
  • Networking
  • Marketing
  • Business Support


We are committed to volunteering in our communities and in city leadership roles.  

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Task Force Members

City Council Committees

Economic Development

Member Events

We sponsor a wide variety events throughout the year for the benefit of our members.  

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Railroad Days - Staples

June Fest - Motley

Member only classes


Staples Historic Depot in Winter

Our SMA Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors

We are working hard to make the Staples Motley area a great place to own and grow a business!

Executive Director: Britney Bursch
President: Steve Gertkin
Treasurer: Chuck Mayer
Secretary: Sherry Frisk
Members: Bruce Brotherton, Sherry Frisk, Christine Tollefson, Stephanie Leslie, Sandy Knosalla, Paula Johnson, Amy Birchacek, 


Chamber Office Location

Our Chamber office is conveniently locating in the Historic Staples Depot. Feel free to stop in see us!