Staples Motley Athletic Hall of Fame

Time Fades Everything… Except What we Choose to Recall...



To inspire future athletes, coaches, and teams to commit to higher levels of athletic achievement.


The foundation of our High School athletic legacy is an uncommon level of commitment. Each Hall of Fame athlete, coach, and the team has contributed to our athletic tradition that is built to last. As the Staples-Motley Athletic Hall of Fame committee, we collectively believe that participating and coaching high school athletics, transforms into life-long benefits with lessons that become core elements in the development of our personalities. We believe that athletic training, competition, and related experiences, regardless of their level of success or achievement, will never stop developing life-related priorities and contributing to who we are as individuals. For coaches, and athletes who reach a higher level of athletic achievement, there is an obligation to set examples for others to follow. As time passes, it gets easier to forget our past successes and harder to recall the amazing pathway of our athletic legacy. It is our belief that a strong bond between school and community is vital to the future success of our High School athletics. Our commitment to recall, highlight, and honor athletic achievements, is a reflection of the values that we all commonly respect. Understanding the level of commitment that leads to a high level of athletic achievement, will guide our evaluation and selection process.


The intent of the Staples-Motley Athletic Hall of Fame is to honor and reflect the success and achievement of our High School’s athletic legacy. To capture the amazing journeys of our athletes, coaches, and teams, we will share their stories of commitment and success. The historic legacy of our athletic success is important, but the purpose of the Athletic Hall of Fame has a deeper purpose. The story of each Athletic Hall of Fame inductee is recalled and leveraged to encourage others to participate in athletics and aspire to a higher level of athletic commitment. The opportunity to pay it forward to those who are inspired by the Staples/Motley Athletic Hall of Fame inductees is the core intent and purpose of recognizing and honoring individual athletes, coaches, and team achievements.

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