Dining and Drinks

Restaurants and Bars

Enjoy a night off from the dishes. Stretch your legs and refuel during a long road trip. Plan a fun night out with friends.  The Staples Motley area offers you many choices the next time you are looking for a delicious meal or a place to unwind after work.  Take your pick of area restaurants and bars!

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Quick Choices

Area fast food restaurants are family-friendly and quick and easy.  They are great choices for lunch during work and to break up a long trip. Make your kids happy!  Besides, who can resist hot, crispy french fries and creamy ice cream? Or maybe you were craving a delicious hamburger or sub sandwich?  Either way, your order will come with a smile. 

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Casual Dining

Craving something a little more hearty and relaxed than fast?  No problem!  There are many restaurant choices in the Staples Motley area offering tasty options and a pleasant atmosphere.  Have breakfast for dinner.  Steaks served hot off the grill.  Freshly brewed coffee and a hot sandwich may satisfy your hunger. Order some of the best pizza around be delivered to your door.

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We invite you to plan your next special event in the Staples Motley area. Choose from indoor and outdoor venues that work for groups both big and small.  Host a family reunion.  Celebrate a wedding in style. Turn 60 in as wild a fashion as you did 20. Whether you're serving champagne or kicking it potluck, you will find the right location for your party. 

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Cure your cabin fever.  Meet your friends at one of our Staples Motley area bars.  There's always a good reason to have a fun time. Sing your heart out at karaoke. Dance until you drop.  Sip a beverage under the stars on an outdoor patio.  Nosh on your favorite appetizer.  Win big at pull tabs.  Finally, claim the dart champion title! 

Our Partner Businesses

Treat yourself the next time you are looking for a meal out.  Our Chamber members strive to provide delicious food, cold drinks, and top notch customer service. We encourage you to think local for your next night out!